MVRs - What you Don't Know can Hurt You

If you’ve got your own fleet, do you have a system in place to store and monitor your drivers’ MVRs (motor vehicle records) or notify you if licenses or certifications expire?

“The critical point of ongoing MVR monitoring is protecting your business and reducing the time between unsafe or disqualifying events and your actions to resolve the situation. Start the new year by adopting this very effective best practice!”

MVRs - What you don’t know can hurt you


@Mike_Kotloski I thought these monitors were required? Am I confusing MVR monitors for a different monitor that went into requirement a few years ago?


@Andrew_Gibson You may be confusing these with ELD (electronic logging device) which did become a requirement a few years ago for any driver that travels more than 150 miles from home base.

An MVR is a background check focused on an individual’s driving history. An MVR reveals whether the subject of the screening is properly licensed to drive, if their driving record includes criminal offenses, moving violations, or failure to pay tickets or fines.