New lumber mill under construction in Linden Texas

LINDEN, Texas - An East Texas lumber business is building a new lumber mill just outside of Linden.

City leaders say the large facility will be a big economic boost to the local economy.

Advance Lumberworks was originally located in Douglasville, but the company is now expanding their footprint and building a new business in Linden.

Lumberworks is building a 35,000 square foot facility on 25 acres, just two miles west of town. It’s located on the former site of the Watson Wood Yard.

Lumberworks is in the middle tier market of the lumber industry. The company makes parts for different types of wood pallets, which are used to store, assemble and transport goods.

Linden city administrator and economic development coordinator Lee Elliott says the lumber mill will create up to 25 new jobs in the community.

“For our area that is huge. The wages are above the retail area. They’re above what we normally get, so it’s a huge shot in the arm because we do have a high unemployment rate in our county,” explained Elliott.

The lumber company will also increase the tax base for the region.

Elliot believes the company’s move is a win-win for everyone.

“The location will create an economy of scale for them, and they’re picking a middle tier market. It will actually fill a niche for our community and help improve the economy for the people who raise timber. It will actually give them more value added, add money to their pockets and our local economy,” said Elliott.

Elliott says the company had considered other places to build this new lumber mill, so the city is excited it chose Linden for their investment.

Linden will be partnering with the company next year to host a job fair.

The new lumber mill is expected to be up and running by April.