Oil-Vey Railway; The CP Strikes Back


“Over the last 20 years the lack of reinvesting in our infrastructure is exacerbating an already fragile trucking and transportation industry that has it’s own regulation issues to deal with not to mention a lack of available qualified operators. The spring buying season started early and seems to be in a “where’s my wood stage” as arrivals and deliveries have compressed the market. It will be interesting to see which direction the market takes us as the spring transitions into summer. I don’t know about you but everything seems to be running together . Have an Awesome Sunday Funday and thoughts and prayers to the World.

Great post @Michael_Haas. I see many posts about talking about the problems with transportation. Rarely do I see anyone, like you here :+1:, calling out the problems. Further, I don’t see anyone talking about what to do about these problems.

Have you heard about anyone out there trying to solve these transportation issues like regulation and creating more qualified operators?