Old Growth Carbon Sinks

Classic example of the benefits of Un-Even aged forest type management.


Glad to see the administration is beginning to recognize how not all forest sequester carbon. Given, if a forest has more decay than growth, then the forest is a net producer of carbon. Thinning and replanting trees promotes growth and carbon sequestration. Another way to promote forest sequestration is to reduce decay by cleaning up forest debris and removing dead trees. Further, replanting trees with a diversity of species promotes forest health by preventing disease.

These are just a few ways we can promote the health of our forests. Moving forward, I would love for us to create a financial incentive to forest land owners to take up the highest standard of forest stewardship.

@Michael_Lingley is working on a fantastic incentive program that verifies if a forest products come from sustainably managed forests through a special stamp. This stamp will simultaneously increase the value on these forest products and improve branding.

Further, in partnership with verified forest carbon credit issuers, @Michael_Lingley’s program will retroactively give verified forest land owners carbon credits each year based on how much carbon their foresters sequester. This financial incentivizes forest land owners to promote growth and does not discourage thinning cutting. Further this solves the “greenwashing” branding problems faced by Forest Carbon Credits issuers. This simple solution is gaining traction and looks to be the most promising solution to improving the health of our planet!

I hope the industry and this administration catches wind of what you are doing @Michael_Lingley, I want to see this hit production!

Are there any forest land owners on here that would be interested in discussing further?

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