Pakira Pub | edition 3/11/2022

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Big thanks to @Igor_Adriaensen of Lambrechts Hout nv for the kind words!

Come join the Global Macro Lumber discussion along with @David_Stallcop and @David_Bagdy: UK wood products imports from Russia, Belarus & Ukraine in 2021 - David @ Stallcop Group LLC - #6 by David_Bagdy

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Come join the Forestry & Logging discussion along with @Burford_Bolander & @EastChicagoTransload: Appalachia could be a hotspot for grade log's?? - #5 by EastChicagoTransload

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Big thanks to all of the entire community for helping us build Pakira by the industry, for the industry!


Wow! Thanks for featuring this on LinkedIn. This community is going to change how our business is done!


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