Pellets from Sweden

Dear Sir/Madam,

Fuelwood Group Sweden Ab ( is pellet producer located in Söderhamn,Sweden with close proximity to ports Långrör, Norrsundet and Gävleborg with annual production of 50,000 tons.

Please see us on Bioenergy Sweden’s pellet producer’s map at number 19.

We are looking for reliable and regular costumer to sell our production.

We have industrial pellets on discounted price stored in the port of Långrör and ready for shipment immediately.

Also we have 2000 tons of premium pellets in big bags (1500kg) stored in our plant in Söderhamn and ready for delivery immediately.

I’m happy to discuss prices and terms for potential cooperation if you are interested in our production.

P.S. very interested to buy chips and sawdust for our production. Pleased to hear any feedback from potential suppliers of raw materials.

Best Regards,

Mikayel Mikayelyan

Head of Sales.