[Podcast] Pessimism, Caution, Optimism

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“Pessimism, Caution, Optimism”

Clay’s Cut episodes will be shows that are more my thoughts on where the hardwood markets are and where they are going. As opposed to normal shows which are long form conversations with guests.

These monthly episodes will be an amalgamation of the conversations I am having with mills as well as domestic and export customers.

Topics this week include…
Are we headed for a “new normal” and what will that look like?
Can the pace of this market go on forever? Have we reached terminal velocity?
What the average “John” and “Jane” think about the economy and why it matters to the industry.
What can we expect over the next two months in terms of pricing.
Why record transportation costs will likely keep prices elevated to end-users.
Why the CEO of The Home Depot is so upbeat.
Why 38% of consumers are uber-pessimistic.

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Clay’s Cut! I love to see the evolution of the podcast @Clayton_Miller
Keep it up


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