Renewable wood biomass

I am trying to set up a reusable wood biomass business.
That would be every part of the tree being used. That includes skid yard waste, tops, dust, chips, and buying firewood. I’ve done this on a smaller scale before, but cancer put that on the back burner?

Paying more for the old firewood, would help insure that the mistakes from the past are cleaned up.

I have a few sawmills, and tree trimming businesses that are ready to dump tons of dust and chips on site.
This works great, but I have to get some equipment for the lot

I’m in northeast Kentucky and looking for a like minded person to partner with during a a scale up?
This has been tested through trial and error. The rest is researching the little things that make it more efficient.


@Burford_Bolander This is fascinating! Are you converting wood waste into energy?


@Andrew_Gibson There’s a good market for these products here!

There’s a 12 hour run for dust, and chips to Hallsville. It’s profitable enough to keep trucking companies going back.
We always kept the right type of insurance for the 3-6 hour haul’s though.

My uncle was an owner/operator of two trucks, that stayed busy hauling dust and chips on their own! We are close enough to Chillicothe Ohio, and Koshocton Ohio to have an edge on other regions.

This would be a great place on the map for startups from the waste to energy niche? I have a lot of trial and error experience trying to become eco-friendly. The problem getting these projects off the ground are mainly self inflicted?

Instead of working together to create a more permanent solution, the secretive mentality of Mill owner’s around the region makes sure the next guy doesn’t make a dollar?


I just realized that I didn’t answer you in my reply? The product gets used for the energy needed to run the larger companies day to day operations.

There’s a mulch yard that some of it goes to, but it’s mainly being used for energy.


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