SCM to Bring Frontline Wood Innovation to IWF 2024

SCM returns to IWF with cutting-edge technological and digital innovations and a rich program of live demonstrations dedicated to the whole woodworking industry.

In an exhibition space of around 29,500 square feet, SCM will illustrate an impressive range of products and services that are capable of meeting every specific production process in the sector: furniture, windows and doors machining, solid wood machining, surface treatment, and bespoke joinery.

Many of the innovations on display will confirm SCM’s ongoing commitment to the development of automated and highly efficient solutions in line with the skilled labor shortages and the necessity of guaranteeing continuous production cycles.

Cutting-edge automation

A concrete example will be the exclusive Cabsort Lean Cell featuring the SCM’s morbidelli x200 CNC machining center, developed specifically for high-speed nesting, robotic sorting and stacking, and doweling.

The cell groups end panels and cabinet parts in a way to keep similar cabinet parts together and aligned on the same axis for edgebanding.

The Lean Cell is integrated with a 7-axis robot. It uses an improved intelligent vision-guided end-ofarm tool to identify and pick up each panel from a nest and process it according to the label barcode data. The robotic cell sorts parts based on the part family as well as common dimensions through SCM’s advanced software application that allows parts to be aligned for perfect stacks.

Additionally, at IWF 2024, SCM will present the robot on a linear 7th-axis rail system to allow for maximum sorting capabilities while keeping the cell footprint minimal. The cell has been redesigned so that the material carts placed within the cell will be used for sorting all nested panels into defined stacks and integrated into the cell using safety interlocks.

The cell can do the work of 3 people with only one operator tending 25% of the time.

Attendees can experience a guided tour of the cell in production during the IWF show days Tuesday, August 6th – Thursday, August 8th at 11 AM and 2:30 PM and on Friday, August 9th at 11 AM.

Digital transformation and sustainability

At IWF 2024, SCM will present its latest Industry 4.0 innovations with a complete range of solutions within the Maestro Digital Systems suite. Visitors will have the opportunity to see and interact with SCM’s Maestro Software systems, which bridge the gap between humans and machines. Every package is tailored to meet the demands of the industry, implementing all the leading innovations of the market and introducing SCM’s own innovations, making the most efficient use of an employee’s skills and time.

SCM’s very latest advancements in digital services will demonstrate all the benefits of a connected plant. A fully operational Digital Control Room will analyze machine diagnostic data in real time to generate smart and proactive maintenance requests. Monitor machine status from anywhere in the world, schedule maintenance tasks, analyze performance data, and schedule service requests, all from customers’ smartphones or browsers with the Maestro connect IoT platform.

Sustainability is another key message of SCM’s new Digital Control Room: environmental sustainability via new energy monitoring functions, operational sustainability via predictive maintenance, and business sustainability guaranteed by the increase in productivity and the Service Bundle packages. Lastly, but equally important, the concept of human sustainability takes the form of sharing technical knowledge and continuous training.

Safety first: the latest for joinery

IWF attendees will also be able to experience in person “blade off”, the innovative safety system designed by SCM and applied to the circular saws. The smart sensors of the blade off system prevent accidental contact between the human body and the blade by automatically excluding it and stopping the execution of the program without damaging any machine component. Live demonstrations will be held throughout the days of the show.

Also, the startech cn k will be in action: a compact 3-axis NC machining center able to carry out all types of milling, decorations, engraving, signboard creation, and 3D model prototyping. This latest solution is the only one in its category equipped with a 2,4 kW electrospindle. The integral cabin ensures absolute protection for the operator and keeps the surrounding environment clean. Startech cn k is also very simple to be programmed using an “Open” virtual human-machine interface capable of importing G-code from any CAD/CAM software.

Last but not least, another revolutionary product for joinery will be in the spotlight: the new SCM maker portable CNC. The SCM maker portable CNC router is designed for easy transport and can be placed directly on the work surface, allowing for routing on large surfaces without occupying permanent space. The maker will be running demonstrations throughout the show days for all to experience this highly-anticipated product for the first time. SCM launched an official contest with the chance to win a MAKER while also helping a great cause. For each submission, SCM donates $100 to the Semper Fi & America’s Fund. The winner of the contest and SCM maker will be announced at IWF and on social media on Friday, August 9th at 11 AM paired with the presentation of the donation check to Semper Fi & America’s Fund.

Challenger Award Contender: focus on sanding

One of the main SCM innovations on display will also be the new multifunction roller unit available on the dmc sd 90 sanding and calibrating machines to switch from calibrating to sanding unfinished, veneered, and painted solid wood panels in a matter of minutes. SCM has submitted this solution for consideration for the prestigious IWF Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award as this novelty reflects SCM’s strong commitment to innovation and excellence in manufacturing technology.

And that’s not all…

At IWF 2024, SCM will present significant additions to its nesting range of morbidelli x CNC machining centers for the first time at IWF with this exclusive product line expansion and launch. Many other innovations dedicated to other production requirements will also be present: sizing, edgebanding, CNC machining centers, CNC drilling centers, assembly, packaging, and surface treatment with the integration of Superfici (Booth 7353) to the Group’s offerings. More than 40 machines and plants will be demonstrated by the SCM team to support customers with the newest trends in the woodworking industry.

Fabrizio Anzalone, SCM Regional Manager for North America markets comments: “The numerous innovations in store for IWF attendees demonstrate SCM’s ability to develop a long-standing, continuous, and shared relationship with clients, and to support their needs not only throughout the entire life cycle of a machine, but for the whole duration of its entrepreneurial activity. This is possible not only thanks to technology – which is still the core of the group’s experience – but by offering an ecosystem of software, services, skills, and experience with a very high added value”.

About SCM Group

Scm Group is a global leader in technologies for machining a wide range of materials and industrial components. Across the globe, the group’s companies act as highly reliable partners to leading industries in a wide range of product sectors, from furniture to construction, automotive to aerospace, and yachting to plastic machining. Scm Group coordinates, supports and develops a system of industrial excellence in 3 large highly specialised production centres in Italy, with a turnover of 900 million Euro, with 4,000 employees and a direct presence on all 5 continents.

Source: SCM Group North America, Inc.