Select & Better Podcast #7: The National Hardwood Lumber Association

Good morning Pakira!

Episode 7 of The Select & Better Podcast is up. I would welcome all of you to check it out.

Dallin Brooks, Executive Director of the National Hardwood Lumber Association

Renee Hornsby, Director of Marketing and Communication of the National Hardwood Lumber Association

Background on Dallin: who is the freshly minted Executive Director the NHLA?

What is the NHLA? A brief history…

What has Dallin learned in his short time on the job while speaking with NHLA members? What is on their minds? What challenges and opportunities does the membership see looking ahead?

What are the most important initiatives that the NHLA is involved in presently?

NHLA and advocacy in Washington, DC.

How can the industry overcome the chronic labor shortages?

How we do work to bring so many different stake holders in the hardwood lumber industry together for a common benefit?

What does Clay want to be and not want to be talking about in fifty years?


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