Shoe’s Lumber Report – 1/7/22 | Shoe's Lumber Report

THE SUPPLY CHAIN IS BROKEN! Even those outside of the lumber industry can recognize this fact. From food prices to gas and everything in between, costs and availability are not improving. On the contrary, they seem to be getting worse. So with each new year bringing us the opportunity for fresh starts, will this year be the one in which the supply chain woes get sorted out? I hope that is indeed the case, but I will not hold my breath. So until that answer comes, I will fall back on what I know best and share with you all of the fantastic things that transpired during the first week of 2022 in the place I like to: ’The Wonderful World of Wood.' Enjoy…

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The supply chain issue will not resolve until government stops their interference with a finely tuned system including the Trump trade wars that put all of this into motion, California’s monotonous regulations against truckers and their equipment, political gerrymandering using the former to get elected or be re-elected and the list goes on. California port issues started a decade ago and few listened to the facts when government intervention became paramount over common sense. When the pandemic hit, chaos ensued, and the rest is history. Even so, the stupidity continues, the tariffs are not cancelled, new tariffs are instituted and the cycle continues and the blame is transposed to other nations. Yes, we need the horror of an enemy to survive and to blame. The U.S. government and its political pundits are surely not interested in listening to the captains of industry that built this great nation. Just ask the thousands of companies and their national business associations in manufacturing, trade, builders, agriculture, retail, distribution and distributors who have been trying to talk with their politicians and bureaucrats to no avail.


Thank you for your service to the industry @Jim_Schumacher !!!


@Jeff_Lassle Do you think so? Strong trade ties promote peace and open the gateways toward alliances. Does an interconnected global trade network need enemies within it?