Shoe’s Lumber Report – 11/19/21 | Shoe's Lumber Report

SEVERE RAIN, FLOODING, AND MUDSLIDES – OH MY! For those of us that live in the Pacific Northwest, we are used to the rain. But the rains that pounded the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia last weekend through Monday left their mark. In total, nearly 4-3/4” of rain fell in just over two days, adding immense amounts of water to the already saturated ground from this autumn’s rainfall, overwhelming rivers and tributaries, causing widespread flooding and infrastructure damage. The impacts were mainly felt north of Seattle into British Columbia, as widespread flooding impacted cities, washed-out roads, and damaged railways. This severe weather event caught the attention of lumber traders as the near-term impacts of how it may affect material logistics added yet another twist to the industry news. Next week’s U.S. Department of Commerce duty increase decision and the recent announcement from British Columbia’s government to immediately halt timber sales was already stirring the pot of uncertainty, so this was an unwelcomed event. So kick you’re your boots, shake off your rain jacket and tune in to check out how these events impacted this week’s action in the place I like to call: ‘The Wonderful World of Wood.’ Enjoy…

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@Jim_Schumacher you are quite the wordsmith who can spin a fun tale, backed by serious analysis! Oh my!

Your past forecast played out exactly as you said it would; a brief period of softness followed by strength. That said, your report shows the market “firming up” rather than “roaring back”. Given another “perfect storm” of events, do you see continued strength behind pricing?



@Jim_Schumacher really great post and extremely informative! I’m curious, does the WA BC area usually get anywhere near this amount of rain around this time of year? In your opinion, can we expect more of these severe rain storms over the next several days, or was this storm a one-off event?


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