Shoe’s Lumber Report – 12/10/21 | Shoe's Lumber Report

HOLY COW ! NO, IT’S A JUST A BULL MARKET. If the ridiculousness of 2021 wasn’t bad enough, the historical year of 2021 is giving us a bit more absurdity before 2022 is ushered in. Once again, buyer demand outstripped available supplies as the nightmare continued for B.C.’s logistic and recovery effort from the historic weather events from November. One might say that material supplies were tighter than a camel’s hindquarter in a sandstorm. So take heed, as you have been warned! Grab a cup of joe and settle in to be amazed as I share with you all of the craziness that transpired this past week in the place I like to call: ’The Wonderful World of Wood.' Enjoy…


One of the best reports out there .


@Jim_Schumacher Here we go again! To the moon!

Plywood is surging, will OSB follow?


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