Shoe’s Lumber Report – 12/17/21 | Shoe's Lumber Report

IT IS ENOUGH TO MAKE ANYONE TURN GREEN! If the absurdity of 2021 wasn’t already bad enough, it seems as if the GRINCH will dominate the scene through Christmas, dropping lumps of coal in the stockings of needy buyers, giving them little hope till the new year. As the holiday’s fast approach, scheduled mill closures will be yet another catalyst that will be sure to keep the pricing pressure switch turned on. If the last few weeks have left you feeling a bit queasy, I can assure you that you are not alone and are in good company. So grab a beverage of your choice and get ready to find out what transpired this past week in the place I like to call: ’The Wonderful World of Wood.' Enjoy…


@Jim_Schumacher It looks like we are in the middle of the steepest rise in composite prices ever recorded in your chart, is that right?


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