Shoe’s Lumber Report – 12/23/21 | Shoe's Lumber Report

YES - THE LUMBER RALLY TUCKERED SANTA OUT! More than Santa is tuckered this season, as the most recent 6-week lumber market rally has brought all of us to our knees. The lumber market’s relentless charge higher didn’t skip a beat as Christmas approached, with pricing surging to levels. However, as traders prepare to vacate their offices for the holiday festivities, many were left a little bamboozled with the mid-week softness experienced in lumber futures. To say that there was more than a mouse stirring all through the house this year the night before Christmas would be an understatement. So, grab some egg nog and some holiday treats and settle in to find out what transpired this pre-Christmas week in the place I like to: ’The Wonderful World of Wood.' Enjoy…

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We all have plenty of reason to feel bamboozled and tuckered out! @Jim_Schumacher are you ready for a holiday break?