Shoe’s Lumber Report – 5/27/22 | Shoe's Lumber Report

WATCH OUT FOR BEAR TRACKS! If you had followed any of my updates over the past month, you would have recognized the bear tracks! If you recall, last year, in late May 2021, the lumber market found its tipping point before beginning its rapid descent lower. The plummet of lumber futures took its toll on the pessimistic cash market this week, as the MAYDAY cries were all around, as mills discounted heavily to attract buyers. So, with Memorial Day upon us, let’s just dive right in to find out all that transpired this past week in the place I like to call: 'The Wonderful World of Wood.” Enjoy…

COMING SOON – CHANGES STARTING NEXT WEEK FOR SHOE’S LUMBER REPORT. After providing my updates to the market for more than 27 years, the time has arrived to add a small charge to ensure costs and expenses are adequately covered. Therefore, on June 3rd, Shoe’s Lumber Report will transition from a free update to an extremely affordable subscription-based service. This will allow everyone to remain up to date in the place I like to call: “the Wonderful World of Wood.”


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