Shoe’s Lumber Report – 8/5/22 | Shoe's Lumber Report

HAPPY TO BE A CANADIAN! After suffering through sizeable countervailing and anti-dumping duties on average of 17.91%, relief is on the way. This week, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced its final determination on Canadian countervailing and anti-dumping duties. It will be chopped down to an average of 8.59%, from 17.91% - falling nearly 9-1/3%. I can hear the cheering from builders saying: HIP-HIP-HORRAY! Unfortunately, weakness in the housing sector with slower sales and price discounts leaves builders scrambling for any savings they can find. With August now upon us and the lumber and housing markets in transition, I encourage you to check out all that transpired this week in the place I like to call: 'The Wonderful World of Wood”. Enjoy…


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