Södra Skogsägarna, a forestry cooperative based in Växjö, Sweden, announced on Thursday (1-19-23) that effective immediately, it was raising the price of mainly normal spruce and pine timber purchased by members by SEK 30 per cubic meter.

According to the press release, timber prices are now at historically high levels and reflect the market’s strong demand. Södra indicated that there is still strong demand on the timber market and the need for timber is anticipated to be high in the forest industry during the spring. As a result, Södra is maintaining a high rate of felling during winter and spring to meet that need.

According to the press release, the following price adjustments apply from January 19, 2023:

  • Standard timber of spruce and pine is increased by SEK 30/m³fub.
  • The premium for hardwood fuelwood is included in the basic price. The basic price will be SEK 330/m³ cubic feet for beech and oak and SEK 300/m³ cubic feet for fuel wood from other hardwood species.