Softwood Lumber Prices and Market Update: Oct 2021 (video)

Buyers of Western S-P-F in the United States continued to run up against palpably limited availability.

Showing surprising strength in ongoing increases when usually lumber prices are dropping, in the week ending October 22, 2021, the price of Western S-P-F 2x4 #2&Btr KD (RL) was US$630 mfbm, which is up by a remarkable +$35, or +6%, from the previous week when it was $595.

This price is up by +$142, or +29%, from one month ago when it was $488.

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@Madison_s_Lumber_Rep this is amazing and nicely complements the reports from @william_giguere @Jim_Schumacher @Michael_Haas

Beautiful graphics – thank you for sharing! :grinning:


@Madison_s_Lumber_Rep despite product availability concerns, are you hearing about any weaknesses in the market?


@Madison_s_Lumber_Rep, it is amazing how flat the 2019 figures are in comparison to the '20 & '21 figures, they really emphasize how volatile prices have been this year. I find it quite interesting how the prices are correcting up, and are looking like they might line up with the '20 figures. I also find it quite interesting how steadily prices have been increasing over the past 10 weeks. I am intrigued to see when volatility will tick up again, and if the prices will be driven further up or driven down.


I think that is the question everyone is asking themselves right now


Normally lumber prices would go up or down by $5 or $10. In spring last year there were times the price changes were by $150 … completely unheard of before.
We’ll see how it is next year; has the market found the “new bottom” and will there be more price stability? It all depends on what happens with US housing in 2022.


Transportation. Delivery Delivery Delivery … supply chain is a huge problem :-/


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