Specialty Slabs, and highest grade specifically cut for the customer.

I found some really nice timber. I’m cutting oak, hickory, walnut, poplar, and pine. If you need something else we can add it.

We have a bunch of slabs from the best trees. Some ran through the mill, and some specialty cuts.

If anyone happens to know the slab market best practices I’d love to hear them?

Get ahold of me if you need any lumber cut from the tree you pick? We do stump slabs too.
I’m curious because there’s some really nice wood that is going to be sent to the wrong market.


Hi @Burford_Bolander perhaps we can introduce you to a Pakira user company that deals and distributes such hardwood from all over, including slabs! I’ll send you some info via Pakira chat


Thanks @Nadia!

You are always on the Ball. I look forward to connecting with anyone that you recommend.


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