STARK Group initiates recycling concept REWOOD in Finland

STARK Group initiates the recycling concept REWOOD in Finland to promote reused products and circular business models. The concept is initiated as a pilot project, where temporary or unused wood and plywood from construction sites are offered as a circular alternative to new wood.

The construction industry is responsible for almost half of the world’s waste, and in Finland, the real estate - and construction industry is the second largest producer of waste. Every year, tonnes of wood end up as fuel and with wood as the largest product category in the Group’s Finnish business unit, STARK Suomi, REWOOD can help increase the use of recycled materials in the construction industry, as well as be a way in which the forest’s resources are utilised in a more sustainable way.

In the pilot project, STARK Suomi explores and tests the possibilities of reusing wood from construction sites, thereby helping to reduce the amount of wood waste generated on the construction site.

CEO of STARK Suomi Harri Päiväniemi says: "Through the project, we are investigating the possibility of developing a permanent sales concept for recyclable wood. Currently, recycling building materials is not possible on a large scale. Together with the construction company, SRV, and service company, L&T, we want to be pioneers in circular solutions,”

Finland is the third market where GENTRÆ is launched. The concept was launched in Denmark in 2018 and in Sweden in 2021. In collaboration with construction companies and suppliers, the concept in Denmark has collected and recycled more than 500 tonnes of wood since 2019, corresponding to a reduction of at least 22.5 tonnes of CO2.

STARK Group is a leading business-to-business distributor of heavy building materials for the construction industry in Northern Europe, with a strategic focus on serving professional craftsmen.