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Jurisdictions that have adopted the tall mass timber code provisions in the 2021 International Building Code (IBC), either in whole or with local amendments.

Status as of April 2022

The 2021 International Building Code (IBC) has been published and is available for purchase through the International Code Council. This version of the code includes three new construction types—IV-A, IV-B and IV-C—that allow the use of mass timber or noncombustible materials in buildings up to 18, 12 and nine stories (respectively).

The following jurisdictions have adopted the tall mass timber provisions in the 2021 IBC, either whole or with local amendments.

Other jurisdictions are considering adoption of the tall mass timber provisions including:

For more information on the code changes, including design implications of the new construction types, see this WoodWorks paper and the ICC/American Wood Council document, Mass Timber Buildings and the IBC.

Proposed changes to the 2021 IBC, which would be reflected in the 2024 IBC if approved, are currently undergoing the ICC code and committee review process. Several changes have been proposed that would affect aspects of tall mass timber design and construction. Further information will be available as these changes are put to vote in late 2021.

For free project assistance related to the design of tall mass timber projects, or for general education related to the tall mass timber-related code changes, contact the WoodWorks Regional Director local to you. For information on the safety of tall mass timber buildings, development of the code changes and other related topics, see resources available from the American Wood Council and the Mass Timber Code Coalition.