Sustainability in Focus: Innovations by Pulp and Paper Industry Leaders

With the growing demand for sustainable options, companies are increasingly focusing on areas for enhancement and innovation in their priority lists. Understanding and learning from other company initiatives can provide valuable insights and guidance in this pursuit. This is why we have curated a selection of the latest sustainability-focused collaborations and advancements within the pulp and paper sector.

Orlandi Launches Recyclable Packaging EcoPro Paper-Wrap

Orlandi has recently introduced EcoPro Paper-Wrap, a sustainable packaging solution that caters to the increasing demand for eco-friendly options. Free from plastic, film, or foil, EcoPro is a recyclable material with a high-barrier, heat-sealable coating. This innovative paper wrap provides a protective shield against oxygen, water vapor, and grease, ensuring the freshness and cleanliness of products.

Not only does EcoPro offer lower costs compared to traditional packaging methods, but it also allows for exceptional printing capabilities, showcasing high-quality graphic content. Brands can now align with their visual identity while embracing environmentally conscious packaging solutions. Read more:

DS Smith Designs New Packaging for Oceans Toilet Tissue, Kitchen Towels

DS Smith has collaborated on innovative packaging for Oceans, offering eco-friendly toilet tissue and kitchen towels. With a focus on sustainability, the company has crafted a variety of designs for its debut packs, in line with Oceans’ environmental ethos. The box is crafted from 100% recyclable materials, featuring optimized dimensions to minimize waste and storage space. Read more:

DS Smith and Ocean's packaging collaboration in the center with rolls of toilet tissue surrounding it.

Image source:, April 12, 2024

Essentia Organic Mattress to Use Kraft Paper for Packaging

Essentia Organic Mattress is leading the way in sustainable packaging by embracing recyclable kraft paper wrap for both the inner and outer packaging of their mattresses. By ditching plastic wrap in their roll pack process, Essentia not only reduces truck space and packaging material usage by a remarkable 75%, but also showcases their commitment to eco-conscious practices. With packaging materials made from 100% recycled paper, Essentia’s shift to kraft paper wrap marks a significant step towards eliminating plastic usage entirely. Read more:

Westpak Introduces HeatWave Liner to Keep Delivered Pizzas Hotter

Westpak has introduced its revolutionary HeatWave packaging solution, specifically crafted to enhance the heat retention of delivered and takeaway pizzas. This innovative product addresses the common issue of pizzas losing heat in standard boxes by incorporating a liner with a distinctive dome design. By elevating the pizza, reducing contact, and creating a thermal barrier, the HeatWave liner has proven to keep pizzas up to 27% hotter even after 15 minutes.

Made from recyclable kraft paper, these liners are not only environmentally friendly but also serve as a grease shield, eliminating the need for additional securing measures. Currently undergoing trials in various pizzeria chains, this cutting-edge development aims to elevate customer satisfaction and ensure the quality of pizzas during delivery. Read more:

A pizza in Westpak's new sustainable packaging.

Image source: westpakuk

Huhtamaki Works with Bobst on Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Huhtamaki and Bobst have joined forces to make packaging more circular. Together, they have developed a diverse range of products that span from basic to high-barrier levels, offering alternatives to traditional aluminum-foil structures. These innovative solutions, crafted using metallization technology in both mono PE and paper formats, are fully recyclable. Importantly, the current recycling infrastructure can easily sort and process these new materials. Huhtamaki is set to launch this product line in 2024, featuring ultra-high barrier PE and paper packaging solutions that cater to various markets. Read more:

Tim Hortons Tests Fiber-Based Hot Beverage Lids

Tim Hortons has launched a pilot program in select restaurants in Ottawa and Gatineau to test plastic-free, fiber-based hot beverage lids. The new fiber lids are designed to mimic the functionality of traditional plastic lids but are made from plant-based materials. This initiative is part of the company’s broader effort to reduce single-use plastics. Read more:

Five Tim Horton's red paper coffee cups in a row.

Source: Sustainability in Focus: Innovations by Pulp and Paper Industry Leaders