The Booming Texas Border Town at the Center of a Global Trade Shift


Laredo: A Rising Trade Star at the Border

Laredo, Texas, is emerging as a crucial land port due to growing US-Mexico trade. This border city, with $800 million worth of goods passing through daily, is increasingly significant to American companies reducing dependence on Asian factories. With a population of over 250,000, Laredo’s stature as a dominant US-Mexico land port is poised for a substantial boost.

Laredo, Texas, is primed to become one of the world’s most important land ports as companies around the world reduce their reliance on factories in China and shift their production to Mexico.


For those interested in doing business in Mexico, here is some interesting info on trade flows and shipment lines. I’m often get asked how to move product over the border. The Laredo crossing is an important shipment point out of Mexico ---- is this also the major crossing point for wood going into Mexico?