The Good Ol' Days Are Gone...Thankfully

For my entire 40 years of lumber marketeering, the industry has operated “like grandpa did it”. We continue to see innovation attempts fail to gain traction, as buyers and sellers insist on ear to ear contact.

There is a reason for that. On any given day, lumber prices can bounce around like a pinball. Buyers are always looking for affirmation. Is the time right? Is the price as good as possible?

May I give you the secret to beating the lumber market?
•“Close is more than good enough.”

Our softwood framing lumber market trades in three major phases over the course of a year.

Phase 1) UP Fall to Spring
Phase 2) Down Spring to Summer
Phase 3) Flat Summer to Fall

From there, it’s all about precision execution, which is generally poorly done for one simple reason…“Position Talking”, which may or may not be in the buyers’ best interest. Lumber buyers constantly accumulate and liquidate inventory based upon advice offered by suppliers, whose job is to get an order. Confusion creates volatility and lack of confidence.

There is a solution. The SCOUTING REPORT, unbiased, tell-it-like-it-is, lumber market conditions, price direction, and momentum.
The SCOUTING REPORT has no order to get, no position to talk, which makes space for full transparency. How do we do that?
We have dozens of “market makers” that tell us exactly what is happening and disclose their positions and intentions. That allows us to determine under and over bought conditions.

It is our belief that this information should be pubic knowledge, available to anyone engaged in the commerce of a “2x4”.


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Looking Forward,
Matt Layman, Publisher


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