The Lumber and Wood Products Industry

I have been known to be optimistic. It’s who I am. After some incredibly interesting text messages with an industry colleague this evening, it reminded me why I absolutely love the lumber and building materials industry even with as crazy as it has become over the past few years. And how many quirky people we have in it, which I also love. There is a lot of stress being felt right now with where the market is heading - that’s a really big question right now - where is the market heading?

But some fundamentals will always stay true for those of us who are in it to win it in our industry and not just passing by or trying to make it to the finish line. Some of the things that stand out most to me about the lumber and building materials industry is that we all have each other’s backs, when we are committed. Whether we met yesterday and want to mentor or give advice to each other, or we have worked together for 10 or 40 years and our relationships run deep, we support each other. We support our industry. We encourage each other. We encourage our industry. We make each other money and we save each other money. We make it work. When we make mistakes, we say “we all make mistakes”. We know people who know people who know people. We all can find out about each other and our history through those people, which makes us all more honest and trustworthy as an industry. Secrets and new ideas last only a few minutes in our industry. Communication is fast. Collectively we help build a better industry. There are celebrations, frustrations, supply chain issues, up’s and downs in the market but yet we all still try to never burn a bridge and try to continue to support each other. Nobody is perfect. Everyone gets emotional. Everyone can occasionally become bitter or frustrated or offended or defensive. Nobody has been in the industry long enough to not learn something new every day. Nobody can say, “I know everything and don’t need input or advice from anyone”. Every single day is a learning experience. As we are becoming more and more global in our industry, we need to continue to shake off our complacency and aggressively pursue information and knowledge. Knowledge leads to innovation and that is what will bring us to that next level in our industry, no matter what market segment we exist in.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the global wood products and building materials industry. I am challenged daily and my family benefits greatly from what I learn from you and the interactions we have around the world.

Be prepared as both of my boys, Joey and Sean, will start traveling internationally and domestically with me in 2023 to learn about our industry and become part of how the Stallcop Group will help grow and develop for future generations! I pray that you welcome them as you have welcomed me!


David…well said. This is indeed a great business because of the people. I appreciate your encouragement and value your perspective on honesty and truthfulness. Several of Pakira uses are also recipients of my Scouting Report. Disappointingly, only one user has stepped up to be a regular contributor. I agree with you wholeheartedly, we need each other and make each other better people and better at out jobs. The SCOUTING REPORT is going to be M-W-F price update in the near future. It is lumber and panel market data by you for you, offered at no charge.

I encourage you and others to offer your insights and in particular pricing updates. I realize it takes a few minutes of your day. However, what better way for us to fertilize our industry by generously, sharing what we know and see.
All constructive criticism is appreciated.

Thank you again for that inspirational piece and I wish your family a great lumber adventure.

I look forward to growing our relationship.



Thanks for the heads up on the Euro prices in this week’s SCOUTING REPORT. We had a data entry error. The revised copy has been sent showing -$20 down move with corrected specified entries. Should have caught on both 2x4 & 2x6. ml


Dear @David_Stallcop this is such an inspirational piece! Thank you for writing it. It is humbling to read and digest. So many truly great qualities and attributes people in this industry possess. It’s been a pleasure meeting you all, those with whom we’ve only had the pleasure to meet virtually, and those with whom we were privileged meet in person. As you said David, each and every one of us is growing every day! Thank you. :pray: :pray: :pray:


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