There's a huge demand for grade Mills in Northeast Kentucky!

There’s a repeating complaint in the sawdust pile conversations in Northeast Kentucky, Southeast Ohio, and West Virginia.
That’s the lack of grade Mills?

The best cuts are shipped hundreds of miles away from the source. The closest place is a flooring company that buys up most of their demand for the year during late summer, early fall.

The demand is there. This location has some of the best Sawyer’s in the country, that can cut the worst logs you can bring them into decent low grade lumber. I’ve went as far as finding a lot with rail, and river access. The only thing stopping construction of a Grade Mill, log, and tie yard is lack of commitment from local businesses.

I am eventually going to setup a wood waste collection lot for turning it into energy, and mulch. I would like to get a grade Mill up and running, but would love to hear suggestions from the Pakira community first?