There's a massive housing shortage across the U.S., See how bad it is in your market

Click the link and search the “How severe are housing shortages in your area?” table to see the Housing Status of your market.


Nothing better than 5-year old data to give you a real-time perspective, eh? Layman’s Guide will have a current housing supply evaluation in the next LLG BRIEFING, Wednesday.
If you want to see “Housing Shortage, a Rounding Error,” by Tim Seims, be sure you at least have the 2-month Free trial. It will only be available to members and trial users.
Not published in the 7/21/22 SCOUTING REPORT.


Great eye for detail. Now that I see this info is from 2017-2019, this is pretty much worthless! Yes, everyone please keep an eye out for the next LLG Briefing.