Trade mission to US will attract investment in B.C. mass timber

To attract investment and showcase British Columbia (B.C.) mass timber to a global audience, Jagrup Brar, Minister of State for Trade, will lead a trade mission to the United States and attend the International Mass Timber Conference.

“B.C. is a world leader in mass-timber manufacturing, design and construction, and we want everyone to know how our businesses can help build with more value, and fewer emissions,” Brar said. “That’s why I’m bringing our Mass Timber Action Plan on the road to a global event to attract investment and build international partnerships that support our work to build a clean and innovative economy that benefits all British Columbians.”

Starting Monday, March 27, 2023, Brar will travel to Portland, Oregon, to attend the seventh-annual International Mass Timber Conference, the largest gathering of mass-timber experts in the world.

During the trade mission, Brar will meet industry leaders, investors and government officials to showcase B.C.’s mass-timber industry, attract foreign direct investment, and build on existing relationships, including the Pacific Coast Collaborative and the Pacific Northwest Economic Region.

Brar’s trade mission to Portland will support the goals of B.C.’s Mass Timber Action Plan, which maps the way to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, boosting B.C.’s value-added forest economy, creating a future workforce that is more inclusive, resilient and adaptable, and creating economic opportunities for people in every part of the province.