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Welcome! Please come introduce yourself in the Pakira Pub!

This helps you get to know your fellow LBM insiders and helps us build a sense of community here on Pakira! Please tell us a bit about you, your company, your take on industry challenges, hobbies you have, interesting questions, and anything you’d like to share with the community. It’s ok to have a twist! :smiley:


Hello everyone, let me kick things off…

I am a founder of Pakira and a former commodity lumber slinger in the Great Lakes region for ESPF, SYP, WSPF.

At Pakira my role is to connect and build relationships with all of you! Pakira is built by the industry and for the industry we are eager to learn your needs and thoughts on how to best build technology to grow your business!

I look forward to connecting with everyone. If you are in the Boston area, then let’s meet at an actual pub!


Great Vision.


@Michael_Haas go ahead and introduce yourself!


Hi I’m Mike and I am a lumber addict! (I’m not sure if you can say that but I did) I can’t keep up with what’s okay to say and what’s gonna get you cancelled so I apologize now before all the fun begins


Hello all! I am Colton Musselman and I do the pressure treated lumber and flameproof buying for Tri State Forest Products in their Indianapolis branch in conjunction with inside sales. I am fairly new to the lumber and building materials industry as I have only been in for about four years, but somehow I have witnessed two ‘once in a life time’ gains for the industry so anything is possible. In my spare time I enjoy traveling, live music, and breweries.


Hi! I’m the wholesale lumber purchaser for Big Sky Lumber - Denver. We specialize in pallet cut-stock and dimensional softwood. (Call for a quote - 406.240.4742) I was born and raised in Hamilton, Montana. Air Force Firefighter vet, helicopter pilot, Mass Timber real estate developer, past President of Boys & Girls Club Missoula.

See you around!


Hi, I’m the owner of Resources Fiji, we imported from our mills and forest concessions hard and softwoods from Oceania and South East Asia for nearly 15 years now, with our main focus on sustainable plantation crop. Teak, HMahogany, Monkeypod, PGRosewood etc… We’re a mill to specs, container order firm. Blocks, logs, lumber, decking, flooring, slabs and little veneer we have it. You can contact me at edrake@resourcesfiji.com, https://resourcesfiji.com/. Raised in SF bay Area, CA, traveled, exotic hardwood forester, civil engineer.
Thanks look forward to timber talks.


Happy New Year All,

It’s been a nice 40 year ride on this lumber bronc and I look forward to at least ten more. My lumber experiences have included everything imaginable except mill sales. Since 1985, publishing The Pine Page, a SYP regurgitation and price report was my side gig. In 1991 that evolved into a lumber market forecasting work in progress…Layman’s Lumber Guide. My trademark, Forecasted Decision Points, FDP’s, identify “when” the price of softwood framing lumber will rise and fall with a 20-year 86% accuracy.
I look forward to getting to know you all better and sharing current perspectives on lumber happenings.
Eleven grand children and seven children take up most of my spare time, but even then, lumber thoughts are whirling in my head.

Matt Layman


Hello, I am Bill and I am working with Andrew to implement the Pakira vision. My work experience is in the financial markets and trading. I enjoy doing carpentry and one of my hobbies is building decks for friends.


Solid Newby !! :wink: .



My name is Bill and I’m currently working in Quality Management with BC Hydro, a crown utility from British Columbia. My role is a workleader, directing a team of quality inspectors of different disciplines (welding, civil, industrial coatings, wood products, fabrication) to support our stock materials and capital construction projects. I also support our asset management and engineering groups as technical advisior for wood/timbers, wood preservatives and preserved wood.

Prior to that, I worked as a shift/department supervisor for various forest companies in BC, mainly in planer/processing over a 20 year period. With my forestry (UBC Forestry) and forest industry background, I also advise our procurement teams on lumber markets and the funny way that wood markets can behave.


Hello I am William, Lumber trader for Sherwood Lumber. I trade eastern spruce and eastern hemlock, buying primarily from both Canadian and U.S mills and selling to retailers and manufacturers with a heavy emphasis in the Northeast. I have been doing this since 1980, starting with Furman lumber out of Boston, Mass. My aim is to stay current with the eastern lumber market, posting content on a daily basis mon-fri both here on the Pakira platform and LinkedIn. You are more than welcome to connect with me if you wish. I look forward to learning how I can best serve you!


Hello all, Jordan Kirk here.
I’m brand-spanking new to the lumber industry, starting in April, 2021 but have always taken interest in BC industries and their ecological and economical ins and outs as it applies to my part-time schooling for a business degree. I’ve been in sales and service since I was 8 which has translated nicely to my position as accounts manager with Surrey Cedar in Langley, BC. Being the “young guy” in the office, I like to spend my spare time (when I have any) growing our online presence and reaching more people. I’m passionate about keeping this industry live and well as it is the most important one to BC and Canada in general by keeping people informed whenever I get the chance.


Hello everyone,

Good to meet fellow industry participants on the platform!

My story starts in 1975 working in a small Vancouver retail lumberyard in the yard Saturdays to make a few bucks, $20 a day - big bucks for a 16 year old kid :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Worked my way up to the order desk, dealing with the builders and their demands and needs, really got to understand the business on a supplier to end-user basis.

I had an opportunity to work for one of the Vancouver wholesalers in 1977 where I eventually became a partner in 1997 on my exact 20 year anniversary of the day I started at Doubletree! Can’t make this shit up haha.

Since that day we have grown Doubletree from a strictly commodity driven back to back business into a focused distributor of Specialty forest products.

We manufacture and inventory structural roof decking in 2x6 single T&G as well as 3x6 and 4x6 double T&G in D Fir as well as special orders for WR Cedar, Alaska Yellow Cedar, and Hemlock.

We supply remanners and mills and distributors with WR Cedar mill run, rough or S4S dimension, Timbers, pattern stock etc. if you can’t find it, we quite likely can make it for you.

We also are located in the heart of the BC lumber district, and deal with most custom cutters who routinely cut D Fir, WR Cedar and AYC.

We still deal with low grade, studs and commodity but certainly can offer just about anything including mill direct lumber and Canadian Fir plywood.

Thanks for listening,
Please reach out if you have any inquiries we can help with!



Hello All!

I’m Bernard from Vita Group Pte Ltd, we are a Singapore company providing the wholesale supply of Plywood, Film faced plywood, Blockboard, and many other timber products. Our products are primary from Indonesia, Vietnam, and India.

I am always looking to share information about our products and services and find ways to assist in your supply of plywood and other timber products.

I am also looking forward to learning from all, the great wealth of knowledge about all the different aspects of the wood industry. Learning about the different ways of the timber trade in other countries. Learning how I can supply Asia plywood into USA.

Please contact me @
Website: https://www.vitagroup.com.sg/
Email: bernard@vita.com.sg


Hello ladies and gentlemen,
My role in the timber industry is that of a small lumbermill producing custom orders that specializes in Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir. The business was founded by my father-in-law. He has been in the industry since 1986. He bought a Woodmizer shortly after they began and has been running one since then.

We are located in the Pacific Northwest (Poulsbo, WA). Smyth Lumbermill

Most frequently we buy logs from local tree services and sell to local homeowners and contractors.
Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.
-Daniel W


That’s awesome. Welcome !!


Welcome, @Daniel_Wakefield!


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