What do you think Lumber Market will do in January??

First of all Happy Holidays to everyone. I’m very thankful for the incredible work of those individuals that are trying to make our world a better place. Hats off !! I think that lumber pricing is reaching the pinnacle based on what I’m seeing . Whether we take another leg up or down there’s sure to be opportunity’s for everyone. I wouldn’t be surprised to see multiple $500 moves in 2022. Costs to manufacture and produce wood products has skyrocketed as well so remembering its not 1999 is important. The world is as connected as its ever been. Have an Awesome Day.


Thank you for being a pillar of the community and helping to make the world a better place @Michael_Haas!

Your “opportunity for everyone” is something we can all hope for this holiday season!

Cheers to a more connected world and all the opportunities it brings! Have an Awesome day!