Where is the Russian Lumber going?

Germany ceases the importation of forest products from Russia. 100+ containers of Russian lumber arrived in the Northeast USA in the past 10 days and still flowing. Quite a discrepancy in policies. Thoughts?


@David_Bagdy What is the current USA trade policy for importing Russian lumber?


There isn’t one. I know of only one steamship line servicing St Petersburg, Russia to US destinations. Of course, at higher rates. Other shipments are being trans loaded in Algeciras, Spain and brought to US Northeast by Maersk (one of the first carriers to discontinue service to St Petersburg). Most of the US sanctions are riddled with loopholes or not being enforced.


I think more often than not we have a tendency to sit back and let our government set policy. Regardless of our government’s weak policies, it becomes a personal choice- support Russian imports, greed, the slaughter of women and children in Ukraine, or take a stand against them.