Why the Young Driver Apprenticeship Program Could be Key to Trucking’s Future

In every U.S. state except Hawaii, individuals ages 18 or older are eligible to obtain an intrastate commercial driver’s license to operate trucks within state lines. But due to longstanding federal regulations (some aspects of which came before the creation of the interstate highway system) truck drivers under the age of 21 are banned from crossing state lines.

Just as there is no single cause of this problem, there is no single solution. But a new federal program may help address one critical issue: recruiting and safely training 18- to 20-year-olds to become the next generation of interstate truck drivers before they seek employment in other industries.

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Why the Young Driver Apprenticeship Program Could be Key to Trucking’s Future - Guest Voices - Trucking Info


You obviously haven’t had to pay for car insurance for teenagers


@Mike_Kotloski yes, interesting pool to tap into for the reduction of the trucker shortage. The “simple” solution would have to be in the federal legislature – US congress. I wonder whether the trucking lobby is lobbying for that?

And yes, as @Michael_Haas points out the cost of insurance would go up for that age group for some time. If the pattern of safety is established, it may come down gradually over time. There should not be a risk of these young adults drinking on the job as there is when they go to midnight parties and then drive home. Hopefully! :pray:


Trucking is Hard!!!

Another thing to consider is if you would do the job yourself and if your answer happens to be no, then you have part of the answer!!

A truckers job is hard and thankless while almost everyone you deliver to blames you for the load being late when it’s the trader or person who sold you the wood s fault.

Being the backbone for delivering goods and services across America to people and places in need with incredible care. Is just one of the many things truckers do.

Next time that trucker shows up late just remember it’s the fault of the person who sold you the wood and NOT the trucker. BeKind and Compassionate


Great advice @Michael_Haas
Be kind and grateful to all the truckers!




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