5-6-22 Commodity Lumber Report

We’ll celebrate just about anything in the US whether it’s the recently celebrated Cinco De Mayo in which a small group of the Mexican Army defended and expelled a large group of renegade French soldiers in the 1800’s. (I’m a history buff with Wikipedia and Google)

It’s quite interesting that most Mexican people don’t even celebrate the event, while we Americans never like to miss a good opportunity to celebrate an event that no one else cares about .

Speaking of parties and celebrations, all of us in the Lumber and Building industry are more cautious as we look for guidance on what Commodity Lumber pricing will do over the next 90 days. It’s as frustrating as watching your favorite NFL game that is in a “forever delay” while replay officials try to determine an obvious call. .

Most of the time it’s the correct call and the game resumes right where it left off after the call is “Confirmed “, no harm no foul .

Finally, Market pricing continues to align with the demand side while the supply side is moving at a snails pace but signs of improvement are on the horizon.

Happy Friday and Have an Awesome Day.


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