Welcome to Pakira Pub!

Welcome to Pakira, Pete!! You are going to bring an amazing amount of knowledge and experience to the forum and our discussions!


Hi everyone!!

Im Julio Condeza and I run a company in Chile called NEUBER. Ive been involved with lumber for the last 20 years, bumpy ride…but the best one you can have.

We source Radiata Pine from Chile and Taeda Pine from Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina to the world. Plus many other added value products using this species as raw material, like plywood, egp, lineal mouldings.

Hope I can contribute with info from this part of the world to the Pakira Network.



Julio, welcome to the forum. I think you will find it helpful in many ways.

Gray Skipper
Scotch Plywood Company
Fulton, AL


Welcome to Pakira, Julio!
It was great to talk to you via WhatsApp video yesterday.
I look forward to your participation in the forum!
You have a lot of experience and we can all gain from your insight.
I look forward to seeing you again in the near future!


@Pete_Kobelt You bring a wealth of information and experience to Pakira! You’ve had a very impressive career. I have no doubt that your greatest accomplishments are ahead of you. Our industry has a bright future ahead.

Your insights would be a great addition to Pakira’s Mass Timber discussion series.

Links to the discussions - New topics come out each week.

@Pete_Kobelt Regarding that mass timber brewery … I will be your first and best customer :wink: this sounds very exciting, is there anyplace we can learn more?


@Gray_Skipper You are a wealth of insights. Regarding your rail provider, do you think that is a provider issue, or is the rest of the industry that bad? 75% short is insane. Is this having a big impact on your business?

As for your interest in market dynamics and information gathering for informed decision-making on market direction, keep an eye out for posts from these guys


Welcome @Julio_Condeza, looking forward to your contributions! Your South American perspective will be incredibly helpful given the state of the macro market in “The Great Lumber Shuffle” described by @Matt_Layman and brought to light by @David_Stallcop here Exponential increase in inquiries out of Europe for South American lumber and hardwood plywood .

When the war in Russia broke out did you start getting calls from European companies and did this lead to a price run-up for you like seem here In March, Brazilian export lumber price jumps 30%?

These would all be great topics for you to hop in on or create your own update! I am sure everyone would be interested to learn about what is going in the South American markets


Hello, This is Rodrigo, I work at Arboreal ( https://arboreal.com )one of the biggest pine sawmill and located in Uruguay, South America. We cut and dry more than 20.000 CBM per month.
We are currently building a Mass timber plant one of the first in South America. For december we will hace CLT and GLT.
In our current situation we are expanding our operations. Will be in Europe in June, happy to meet potential customers.


Hello @Rodrigo_Albornoz! Welcome to Pakira!

It will be great to have you involved in our Mass Timber discussions.

Let me know where in Europe you will be. I’ll be in France and Spain the first 8 days of June.


Log & Timber Connections has been a distributor of Structural Wood Screws and Connectors to the Mass Timber market for the last 12 years.

Structural Wood Screw


Welcome !!!


Welcome @Will_Leverett!

Given your knowledge of the Mass Timber connectors, you’d make a great addition to the Mass Timber discussion.


Welcome @Will_Leverett !


Welcome to the Pakira community @Will_Leverett !


@Remco_Steggerda Welcome to the Pakira Pub! Please let us know your background and role in the wood products supply chain! Great to see you here!


Hi Gray , This is a follow up note; Tomorrow I have a 3 hr zoom with the carbon crew on the updates of the verification process and market trends. I am glad you reached out to me and can see the vision of Lumbercentral.com . Please let me know what time slot you are in and phone contact etc; Best MJL


Hello everyone, my name is Juan Bugarin, I am an architect from Mexico who recently moved to San Diego CA. I am currently finishing an online master’s degree in Mass Timber Design at IAAC in Barcelona. If you want to know more information about the master check out Master in Mass Timber Design, by the way for this second edition that will begin in the summer they will award two scholarships to students in the United States.


Welcome @Juan_Bugarin! That Mass Timber Design masters program at IAAC looks very interesting and I am sure many of the architects on Pakira would be interested to learn more about it.

What a creative image!

Check this out guys!

@Juan_Bugarin @Bella_Carmelita_Carr @Gary_Chapman @Jerome_Lavoie @Matthew_da_Silva @Jeremie_Bourque @Alexandre_Carrier @Oleksiy_Alex_Chygryn @Tom_Inman @Shay_Kurzinski @Juan_Bugarin @Eri_Michelle_Uhthoff @Jason_Thorne @David_Rau @Pete_Kobelt @Jing_Kong @Phyllis_Chong @Damien_Mocke @Lauren_Kembi @Anze_Rosec @Franco_Piva @Dusan_Milutinovic @Steve_Marshall @Jerry_Truex @sean_stevens


Welcome to Pakira, @Juan_Bugarin! It is great to see you here at Pakira!


Hi all. So happy to be here. My name is Clayton Miller. I am Sales and Purchasing Manager for Aurora Timberland. We are a hardwood lumber wholesaler. We offer lift lot distribution through out Canada and have strong market share in Vietnam.

I am fifth generation in the lumber business and I am uber passionate about not only where the industry has been but where it is going. I am so very much looking forward to connecting with others in the industry here.


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