Appalachia could be a hotspot for grade log's??

There’s a healthy ecosystem for us to chew the fat about! Skidder, and dozer operated crews both have the select cut bug.

I have had to pull cable from the ground to treetops just to Hook one good grade log at a time, due to the steep hills. The slow process of getting to those spots help keep the need for smaller operations alive!

I’m in no way an expert. I do see things looking up in the middle of everything going on in the world today!

Do we have very many members around Northeast Kentucky, Southeast Ohio, and West Virginia?


@Burford_Bolander Do you have any partners in the Appalachia region who might be a good fit for the Pakira community?


Yes, I was actually thinking about that last night.
I will be filing head saws tomorrow, and will be sure to invite some of the owners.


Thank you @Burford_Bolander ! We are championing the small businesses, and helping with providing tech tools to the community, to enable efficiency and hopefully better profit and margins. The Forum is only the first step and it’s great to get your partners/associates on the ground early :upside_down_face:
Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help!


For any logistics/reload questions, reach out anytime.

I wish you the best out there!