Comparing Forest Harvesting Practives of America vs Europe | Continuing the discussion from Welcome to Pakira Pub!

Continuing the discussion from Welcome to Pakira Pub!


This is fascinating and begins to explain why some foreign markets are so hard to understand. You are saying that European mills most often sell before they produce, correct? Do you know how that is structured? Is most of their business quarterly contracts or something?


Recently I was speaking to a Wood Trader in the New Zealand market and he described how their system is similar to the European system. In New Zealand there is very little open market wood and printing prices on wood is illegal (Commerce Commission - Meeting with competitors to discuss pricing)

I’ll pull Todd in here… I’d love to get his perspective on this on how New Zealand compares!


The answer is simply the US owned federal lands under control of the USFS and the BLM rely on political pressures, and activist groups, in its management of its forest land’s stewardship. Contrary to the mess on these federal lands are the private sector of large and small corporate holdings that clearly practice far better forest management than its federal counterparts resulting in less disease, infestations of insects, fire damage, etc.

Europe’s governmental owned lands, as well as privately owned, have always been the pillar of successful forest management, treating their lands with the same care as US private sector companies do.


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