Magnesium oxide board - the new norm in building construction

Coming to the building industry soon, the first high-tech magnesium oxide board factories in the U.S, manufacturing the base board for exterior sheathing and interior drywall and underlayment, siding, roofing and decorative panel product lines replacing plywood, OSB, gypsum drywall, and cement board in one revolutionary board. Note that MgO technology surpasses wood and gypsum building products specifications with the addition of its superior fire and water resistance. One board many uses. As a lifelong trader in forest products, a forest engineer, and scientist, I have never seen a more revolutionary product line for the industry.

MgO base board replaces the entire portfolios of the gypsum drywall manufacturers in relationship to fire and water resistance, impact resistance, mold, sound abatement, etc., all nine normal niche market gypsum products that MgO far exceeds in one panel, the base MgO board with no added chemicals or other products to meet these standards. MgO is truly a green superior product to wood, gypsum and cement board without additional costly frills.

Some quick facts on the MgO technology from Rise.