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Continuing the discussion from Welcome to Pakira Pub!

Continuing the discussion from Welcome to Pakira Pub!

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Maybe some of you guys might give me some guidance here if I’m far far away with pricing. US standard pallet boards sizes delivered to east coast ports I could sell for ~380USD.

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What is the going rate for standard pallet boards out of an east coast port? Would standard euro pallets boards priced at $380 make it out of the port?


Thanks Andrew for making new discussion on Pallet boards.
380usd would be my price landed to US east coast ports for 4840 pallet boards.
Softwood, KD+HT, highest pallet grade.
For Euro/Epal pallet boards price would be a bit less ~365USD.
Anyway I would be very interested to keep this discussion alive and maybe update my pricings monthly and of course if someone would like to discuss this in private feel free to contact me anytime.

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I can’t even come close to $380…

My UTE&BTR Pallet Cut/Stock is coming out of the Midwest of the Great Lakes…Which is around $500+ delivered… (1x4x40 - 1x6x40 - 2x4x48)

$380 for Utility grade is dirt cheap. Considering Random Lengths Print is showing $315 FOB for Economy in Great Lakes and $395 Boston.

Unless you are talking about POE or Econ&BTR, I don’t know how people are making food-grade HT GMA pallets at that price.


Currently the composite price as an average of all lengths for grade stamped KD S4S Euro 2x4 #2 Premium out of the US ports is US$340/m3 ($525/mbf). So, the US$380/m3 for Euro pallet boards won’t work today.


Thank you @David_Stallcop for doing the m3 to mbf conversion. Very soon Pakira’s “Offers” and “Requests” will be going live and these conversions will be done automatically.


hello guys,

I wanted to check for your update on US standard pallet sizes pricing? Or otherall various pallet sizes you might be used and could be discussed.

My current US standard pallet board sizes price to East coast ports would be around 320-330 USD/m3
Is this getting close to US prices or I’m still way out required pricing?

Thank you for your replies


@Fred_Vrugteveen, @Scott_Taylor, @Michael_Costanzo Do you have any update for Mr. @Julius_Senkus?

@Nic_Wilson, @David_Stallcop??