You Are Not Going To Like This...$2000 Lumber By Mid March

You Are NOT Going To Like This.

Lumber $2000 in less than 6-weeks.

Over one year ago LLG’s Forecasted Decision Points projected a bull market beginning at week #45…the beginning of the annual lumber cycle, lasting at least until week #10. This is week #6.

FDP’s also projected January Chaos week #2-5. It forecasted the February Filling, which began last week. I expect that given all the current market conditions which we discuss twice weekly that we will see $2000 lumber prices, fob mill, by mid-March …week #12. Then…MARCH MAYHEM!

Today February 7, 2022 is likely the beginning of the most painful 6-week lumber market experience of your entire career. Please plan accordingly. Avoid having to buy mid Feb-mid March. LLG members were forewarned and have been prepared for months.

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Looking Forward…ML #Lumbermarketforecast


Promises to be very ominous @Matt_Layman – I am already hearing the Jaws sound track in the background …
Seriously though, your LLG predictions seem to be more accurate and precise than those of the financial stock analysts on wall street. I guess it pays to focus and know your industry! Way to go @Matt_Layman!


@Matt_Layman Bold statement! Are your models showing any chance of a dead cat bounce between now and mid-march?


Andrew. The post indicates more than a dead cat bounce. A rally to $2000


A straight rally then… better strap in!


Folks sure are passive about my $2000 6-week forecast. Is that doubt, fear, agreement, disagreement or apathy?


I’ve heard some people talk about it with a soft tone… in a state of disbelief at the possibility…

Further, you are not alone in your forecast…

Higher highs are possible as the demand for lumber remains robust

Meanwhile, lumber’s lack of liquidity has the potential to push the price to a new high, and even to $2,000 per 1,000 board feet or higher in the current environment where inflation is raging, demand for new homes is booming, and US infrastructure rebuilding is pushing lumber requirements higher. Replacing plastic with paper products to protect the environment is also increasing the demand for wood. Moreover, pandemic-related supply chain bottlenecks continue to have the potential to cause supply disruptions.


Hi @Matt_Layman you saw the Pakira Poll this week? It’s about this $2,000 forecast … :blush:
on LinkedIn of Pakira, Inc.


Funny…. Nothing surprises me. I think if you have been a bull and “ playing” all along you are more apt to continue buying than someone just coming onto the scene. I also don’t want to bet against you because you are right most of the time. Thanks for the insights .


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